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The difference between counter roll extrusion granulator and disc granulator in NPK fertilizer production line

 What are the differences between the roller press granulator and the disc granulator
With the continuous growth of the organic fertilizer market, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is actively improving the equipment for manufacturing fertilizers. Today, I will introduce two types of granulators in the granulation process.  
The first type is a roller granulator, which is produced by a non-drying room temperature process. It is formed at one time and has an output of 1-1.5 tons/hour and 1.5-3 tons/hour. The equipment has low investment, quick results and good economic benefits. The complete set of equipment has a compact layout, scientific and reasonable, and advanced technology. Energy saving and consumption reduction, no three wastes are discharged, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. The raw materials have wide adaptability, suitable for the granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed, etc., and the product granulation rate is high. It can produce compound fertilizers of various concentrations and various types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer, etc.). In particular, the granulation of rare earth, potash, and ammonium bicarbonate series of compound fertilizers filled the domestic gap and ranked at the domestic level.

The second type is the disc granulator. The angle of the granulation disc adopts an overall arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The pelletizing tray is equipped with three discharge ports, which facilitates intermittent production operations, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency. The reducer and the motor are driven by a flexible belt, which can start smoothly, reduce the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment. The bottom of the pelletizing disc is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates, which is strong and durable and extremely deformed. The thickened, heavier, and sturdy base design does not require anchor bolts to fix, and it runs smoothly. The main gear of the granulator adopts high frequency quenching, and the service life is doubled. The granulation surface plate is lined with high-strength fiberglass, which is anti-corrosion and durable. It has the advantages of uniform granulation, high granulation rate, stable operation, sturdy and durable equipment, and long service life. It is an ideal equipment for users to choose. The company produces and sells products: disc granulator, disc granulator, small disc granulator, disc granulator manufacturer, large extrusion granulator. The size of the squeezing force can be adjusted by the hydraulic system according to the needs of particle strength. By changing the grooving form of the roll surface, materials such as flakes, strips, olives, and oblates can be obtained.
These two kinds of fertilizer granulator machine have their own advantages, and you can choose a suitable granulator according to your needs. The roll extrusion granulator has wide adaptability to raw materials, and low investment and quick results, which greatly accelerates the interests of manufacturers. The second type of disc granulator has stable production efficiency, long life of the equipment, and durability. It can save money for manufacturers, and stable production has brought long-term benefits to manufacturers. The two types of granulators have their own advantages.