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The organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine uses livestock and poultry manure to realize composting fermentation and produce organic fertilizer


Composting fermentation is an important link in the production of organic manure from livestock and poultry manure, and turning is an important measure to improve the efficiency and quality of composting. In the process of modern industrialization of composting livestock and poultry manure to produce organic fertilizer, special turning and throwing machines have been widely used to replace human turning and throwing, achieving the production effect of saving time and labor. The turning machine is a special equipment in the composting process, which can provide appropriate oxygen for materials. Most models also have certain crushing and mixing functions during tipping. The amount of excrement produced by large-scale farms every day is huge, and the treatment of excrement has also become a thorny problem. Livestock and poultry feces have a bad odor, so the handling of raw materials should be minimized and treated on site. If the farms absorb the fecal pollution and produce organic fertilizer by themselves, they can not only reduce pollution, but also increase income and form an ecological industrial chain. It is of practical significance to study and select the dumping equipment suitable for large-scale aquaculture.

The strip pile type turning machine is a kind of turning and throwing equipment suitable for strip pile fermentation. The strip stack fermentation requires a large site and is generally suitable for organic fertilizer production enterprises and large farms. Strip stack fermentation is to stack materials into strips of a certain height. Through the tipping action of the strip stack tipping machine, natural wind is sent to the pile from both sides of the pile to provide oxygen and realize composting fermentation. The strip pile tipping machine is mainly composed of tipping device, walking driven tractor and transmission system, mainly driven by internal combustion engine. The main advantages of the strip stack tipping machine are relatively simple requirements for facilities and equipment, less investment, and low production and operation costs; The disadvantages are that the fermentation process is slow in temperature rise, takes a long time, occupies a large space, easily produces a large amount of odor and dust, and the plant environment is dirty and chaotic. According to the working principle, the strip pile tipping machine can be divided into straddle type, lifting belt type and screw type.