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The common problem of the organic fertilizer equipment

There are many types of organic fertilizer turning fermentation equipment,and the models of the same type are also different in size.We can choose according to the production needs.In the current market,the widely used one is through fermentation,and the representative one is suitable for the small-yield organic fertilizer production line.When in use,the stacker should be parked in the fermentation open space,and the piled teeth should not be immersed in the raw materials.After the turning teeth are completely rotated,the fattening operation can be started slowly.This avoids the large resistance encountered when the turning motor is started,and has some unnecessary consequences;sometimes in order to improve the fermentation tank.The utilization rate and the high accumulation of fertilizers can also lead to excessive resistance when turning over,with serious consequences.
The importance of organic fertilizer granulator in organic fertilizer complete equipment is self-evident,The key to improving product yield and output is organic fertilizer granulation equipment.Depending on the raw materials,we can choose the right granulation machine,but then we have to find ways to use these machines to give them the greatest capacity advantage.Through the principle of granulation,we have learned that the powder raw materials are bionded by water to form spherical particles,so the two indicatos of controlling the moisture content and making the moisture content uniform are the key factors for improving the yiled.The water content is low,the water content is low,the granulation rate is low,the moisture content is high,the large particles are large,the water is uneven,and the particle size is small and the yield is lower.Therefore,we should constantly explore the optimal moisture content during the production process to ensure high-yield production.
In an organic fertilizer production line,there are many equipments such as fermentation turner,organic fertilizer crusher,fertilizer mixing machine,fertilizer granulator machine,drum dryer,rotary cooler,drum screener machine and automatic packing machine etc equipment.But here we only list the related topics of the fermentation turner and the orgnic fertilizer granulator.First,because of the importance of these two devices in the whole st of organic fertilizer equipment,and second the experience required for the two equipment is relatively high.More,it is necessary to constantly explore and summarize in the furture production process to maximize the efficiency of the equipment.