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What the raw material do you know suitable for fertilizer equipment?

 The production of organic fertilizer is supported by national policies. The production of organic fertilizer needs to be fermented, crushed, mixed, granulated, dried and cooled. Screening and other processes. Among them, fermentation and pulverization are particularly important. To provide raw materials for high-quality organic fertilizers, only organic fertilizers made from raw materials can be of high quality.The special fertilizer equipment for organic fertilizer is a kind of chicken manure and pig manure as the main raw material,then adding a certain amount of potassium fertilizer,nitrogen fertilizer,phosphate fertilizer and other substances and fermenting yeast,rice bran,soybean meal and sugar for a certain period of time as a biological bacteria,in the role of sulfuric fertilizer by down-mixing fermentation.
The new organic fertilizer production line is more conducive to harmless treatment,organic fertilizer composting and fermenting treatment,using organic fertilizer is not necessaryily all livestock and poultry manure,chicken manure,pig manure,it can also be added to wheat straw,corn stal mixed farmhouse.Fat chicken manure,pig manure ,harmless treatment using organic fertilizer equipment,adding microbial organic fertilizer fermenting agent composting fermentation,organic fertilizer granulator producing microbial organic fertilizer,organic fertilizer equipment is the most ideal harmless of agricultural waste deal with it.