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The advantage of the bio-organic fertilizer

Comparing to the general fertilizer,the technical content of microbial fertilizer(also known as bio-organic fertilizer)is relatively high.In addition to the biological bacteria that promote the decomposing and decomposing of organic materials in the process of decomposing,in order to achieve the purpose of targeted decomposing and deodorization,the products are it is also necessary to add microorgansm with specific effects to the enhance the effect of the product.
The bio-organic fertilizer production line is a complete fertilizer production line to specially produce the bio-organic fertilizer.Using the fertilizer machine to produce the bio-organic fertilizer not only improve the production effecient but also shorten the producing time.
Besides the bio-organic fertilizer production line,we have other fertilizer production line,such as the npk fertilizer production line,bb fertilizer production line etc.