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The structure and the the applicable fileds

The new type fertilizer organic granulator is our company new design for producing the organic fertilizer,Due to the internal structure of a lot of  like spiral arrange neat stirring teeth combination,also known as interal rotation stirring teeth granulator,the machhine because of the large water content of many raw materials granulation.Because of more granulation rate,smooth operation,strong and durable equipment,long severice life,and the majority of users choose as the ideal product.My unit is the development and production of dantian type tooth granulator is  Φ 600, Φ more than 800100 specifications, can also according to user requirements, development and production of other specifications of the stirring tooth granulator.The shell of granulator is made of thickened seamless steel tube, which is durable and will never deform.Coupled with a solid base design, so that its operation and more stable.
The working principle of the new type of organic fertilizer granulator:the new type of organic fertilizer granulator makes use of the high-speed rotary mechanical mixing force and the resulting aerodynamic that the fine powder material in the machine to achieve continuous mixing,granulation,spheroidization,densification and other processes,sso as to achieve the purpose of granulation.Particle shape is spherical degree 0.7,particle diameter is generally betwween 0.3-3mm ,granulation rate 90%,particle diameter can be properly aadjusted by the amounut of material mixing and spindle speed,usually the lower the the amount of mixing,the higher the speed,the smaller the particle,and vice versa.Application :the new type of organic fertilizer granulator is especially suitaable for granulating light and fine powder materials.The finer the basic particle,the higher the sphericity and the better the quality.Typical application materials:chicken manurre,pig manure,cow manure,charcoal,clay,laolin,etc.
It is specific for granulation of organic fertilizer with organic fertilizer raw mterials,live stock and poultry feces,feces and urine,compost,green manure,sea manure,cake manure,pea,soil compost ,three wastes,microorganism and other municipal soild waste.The particles are pellets.The new type of organic fertilizer granulator is qualified for granulation rate up to 80-90% above ,adapt to a variety of different formulations,the compresive strength of organic fertilizer is higher than the disk and drum,the big ball rate is lower than 15%,the particle size uniformity can be adjusted according to user requipments through the machine stepless speed regulation function.This machine is more suitable for direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation,saing drying process and greatly reducing manufacturing cost.