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Organic fertilizer equipment effectively treats livestock and poultry manure pollution

 Regarding the organic fertilizer production line, we should all know that it is professionally used to make organic fertilizers. Because it is professionally treated for livestock manure, it effectively reduces the environmental pollution of livestock manure and thus achieves environmental protection. Moreover, the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment can effectively adjust the soil, improve the quality and solve the problem of soil compaction.
The manure can be recycled through the organic fertilizer production line equipment, which not only reduces the pollution to the environment, but also improves the bio-safety level of the breeding enterprises, reduces the epidemic of livestock and poultry, produces high-quality organic fertilizer, and improves the quality and safety of agricultural products. , generate clean energy and achieve environmental protection. Let the rural economy embark on the fast lane of "safe, environmentally friendly and efficient".
After the organic fertilizer production line processing and production process, as well as sterilization and other processes, the bio-organic fertilizer will become a natural organic fertilizer under the fermentation of microorganisms, which can be used for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Basically eliminated the pests and diseases that are harmful to crop growth in livestock manure. In addition, the bio-organic fertilizer is fermented, fully fermented and applied to the soil, which will not cause the crop to burn and burn.
Breeding and breeding is an important way to achieve agricultural source emission reduction. The working principle of organic fertilizer production line equipment is simply to “eat” organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, and “spit” organic fertilizer, which not only improves the environment, but also brings economic benefits to farmers. It is possible to make agricultural scale, standardization and mechanized production, cost reduction and added value. At the same time, agricultural non-point source pollution problems have also been resolved.
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