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Six advantages of using cow and sheep manure organic fertilizer fermentation equipment and equipment maintenance

Chinese farmers used organic fertilizer in ancient times, and more and more agricultural burned material sources can be used for organic fertilizer development. The sown area of crops in China is more than 133 million Hm2, and the annual chemical fertilizer demand is about 140 million tons, while the domestic chemical fertilizer is less than 100 million tons, which brings a very large space for environmental trends for the application of organic fertilizers. At the same time, with the development of organic and green agriculture, Huihong farmers urgently need organic fertilizer to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products in the environmental trend. At present, the amount of organic fertilizer in western countries has accounted for nearly 50% of the total amount of fertilizer. If the amount of organic fertilizer in China can account for 10% of the amount of chemical fertilizer, its environmental trend will reach 14million tons / year.

Six advantages of using cow and sheep manure organic fertilizer fermentation equipment: high level of automation, PLC and host computer connection, complete long-distance master; The disposal process consumes less energy and has a low operating cost; Abundant exercise space and small land occupation; Biological deodorization is accepted, and the waste gas is discharged up to the standard during the disposal process; The punishment process is completely closed, and no secondary contamination occurs; The integration helps the air supply and heating assembly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment under low temperature conditions; It is made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.

The application of organic fertilizer equipment does not rely solely on the correct control process, because even if you have the correct control process, it will hinder the machinery. Therefore, we should regularly search and repair the machinery to avoid unnecessary obstacles found during work, which will bring a huge loss of my strengths When we excavate the machinery, we should repair the machinery in real time when we find a few small obstacles. Don't think that a small question is not enough for protection when it is small. In this way, we will only accumulate small questions into big questions, so that the organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment will be greatly hindered, and even in the end, it can't be repaired.