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How to use the organic fertilizer production line to process manure to produce organic fertilizer

 In recent years, the country has paid attention to environmental protection, and some medium and large breeding companies have been trying to improve the breeding environment. The biggest source of pollution in the breeding industry is livestock and poultry manure. How to better handle and use livestock and poultry manure is now every farm Things that enterprises should pay attention to. Because of the differences in some regions, local governments have also put forward some requirements for breeding enterprises. For example, a pig farm that produces 100,000 pigs a year requires nearly 50,000 tons of manure every year. We all know raw manure cannot be directly returned to the field, because raw manure contains a lot of harmful substances and pests such as insect eggs. Raw manure needs to be fermented before it can be directly applied to fruits and vegetables. After the raw manure is fermented, a certain amount is added in the fertilizer granulation process. Auxiliary materials are what we know as organic fertilizer.

How to choose the right equipment and how to make organic fertilizer equipment solve the problem and increase the benefits at the same time. This problem should be considered from the time you start to prepare for the project. You should first contact the equipment manufacturer for comprehensive opinions, and the professional equipment design team comes to complete the overall project planning for you.

First of all, we need to determine the raw materials for the organic fertilizer production line. There are many kinds of organic fertilizer raw materials, but due to many production problems, they are not suitable as the main raw materials of organic fertilizer. The more common raw materials include pig manure, sheep manure, cow manure and other livestock and poultry manure. This is also one of the reasons why breeding companies are equipped with organic fertilizer. After the raw materials are determined, we can choose organic fertilizer equipment. The selection of different equipment for raw materials is also different. For livestock and poultry manure, we mainly recommend two types of organic fertilizer granulator machines, the stirring granulator and the organic fertilizer. The main raw material of the inorganic fertilizer granulator and the stirring granulator is pure organic fertilizer. The organic-inorganic fertilizer pellet machine is aimed at adding a certain proportion of inorganic components such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on the basis of organic fertilizer. The next step is to determine the output to determine the model of the equipment. Once the model is determined, the layout, location and size of the overall workshop can be designed. It is the best that suits you. It is the minimum requirement to determine the equipment according to the output, and the appropriate equipment can reduce the extra consumption.