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What are the advantages of centralized treatment mode of manure in organic fertilizer production line?

The centralized treatment mode of organic fertilizer production line is to collect and transport livestock manure and / or fecal water from surrounding farms (communities and farmers) by relying on fecal treatment equipment and facilities of large-scale farms or entrusting a treatment center specialized in manure disposal in intensive breeding areas, and carry out centralized treatment and comprehensive utilization according to the requirements of resources and harmless pattern.

First, from the perspective of efficiency and benefit of scale operation, the facilities and equipment in the centralized treatment center are in full load and balanced operation and use. The utilization rate of organic fertilizer production machine is high and the production efficiency is high, and the scale benefit is easy to be reflected. Although the overall investment is greater than the decentralized treatment mode, the input and operation costs are lower than the decentralized treatment mode according to the unit cost. In the decentralized treatment, except for large-scale farms, the equipment utilization efficiency of small and medium-sized farms is relatively low, and it is difficult to achieve balanced use throughout the year.

Second, from the difference of different formats, there are obvious differences in the investment of professional and technical strength, the level of infrastructure equipment, and the degree of refinement of management, and there are also great differences in the products related to them. The centralized treatment center is mainly engaged in livestock and poultry manure treatment, equipped with sufficient professional and technical personnel and management personnel. The production management is more professional, more standardized and refined. It aims to pursue the benefits of livestock and poultry manure treatment and utilization, and pays attention to the efficiency of treatment and utilization. However, it is difficult to carry out professional and meticulous management for farms, especially for small and medium-sized ones. More attention should be paid to achieving appropriate results at the lowest cost and pursuing "light simplification". The products formed by centralized processing are relatively more standardized, refined and diversified, which are more in line with the needs of modern agricultural development. It is difficult to control the quality and realize the standardization because of the primary products formed by decentralized treatment.

Thirdly, from the perspective of scientific and technological innovation and application, there are obvious differences between the centralized processing center and the livestock and poultry farms in the power and mechanism of scientific and technological innovation and application. The centralized processing center focuses on scientific and technological innovation and application, and cooperates with relevant scientific research and teaching units in equipment and technical transformation, process optimization, product research and development, and has corresponding mechanism and investment to guarantee.