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What are the advantages of fertilizer granule dryers?

The organic fertilizer production line needs to be dried in the process. The drum hot air dryer is a new type of dryer developed by our factory based on the original plate type drum dryer. It greatly reduces the drying cost and carbon emission, and makes positive contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction. Today, Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Ltd will explain to you the advantages of particle drying of our fertilizer production machine:

The round particles with high moisture content from the organic fertilizer particle shaping section are transported to the feeder of the drum hot air dryer through the conveyor belt, and the chute particles in the feeder directly enter the rotating drying drum. With the rotation of the drying drum, the granular organic materials are brought up to a certain angle. When the main pipe and branch pipe of the drying pipe are installed, the angle between them and the horizontal ground coincides with the picked up material. The picked up particle material will bury the outlet end of the branch pipe of the drying pipe, make the particle material fully contact with the hot air, and prevent the loss of heat. After the particles are heated, hot water vapor will go to the upper end of the drying drum. Under the action of high-power induced draft fan for outdoor dust removal and water vapor removal, water vapor dust and other dust are discharged from the drying device through the air inlet. Finally, the organic fertilizer particles with low moisture content are discharged from the material outlet into the next cooling section.

What are the advantages of fertilizer granule dryers?

After the modification, the principle of the device is more scientific, and the drying efficiency is increased by more than 30%. It is mainly used for drying organic fertilizer particles and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer particles. The speed of deceleration drive system can be controlled by frequency converter. The length of time that organic fertilizer particles stay in it controls the drying of materials. If the organic fertilizer particles are too dry, the frequency of the frequency converter will be increased to speed up the rotation of the deceleration drive system. The organic fertilizer particle materials in the drying drum can be used for a shorter time, and can be quickly discharged from the drying drum. On the contrary, if the dried organic fertilizer particles are slightly wet, the frequency converter speed will be reduced to slow down the driving system, so that the granular organic fertilizer materials will stay in the drying drum for a longer time.

To sum up, the roller hot air dryer we developed has great advantages in drying, improving work efficiency and reducing production costs. If you are interested in fertilizer production machine, please come to our factory for details.