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What factors should be considered in the purchase of organic fertilizer material crusher

Organic fertilizer material crusher is the crushing process equipment of organic fertilizer production line. There are many types of organic fertilizer material crusher, such as vertical and horizontal, but the main function is high humidity material crushing. The selection of organic fertilizer material crusher mainly considers the output, discharge and dust reduction. We should also consider the effect on the production line of organic fertilizer. According to the actual situation, to buy shredder.
What factors should be considered in the purchase of organic fertilizer material crusher
1. Discharge mode: the crushed products are output through the discharge device in three ways: self weight blanking, negative pressure suction and mechanical conveying.
2. The size of the output; small output can not meet the production requirements, large output causes production waste. Therefore, according to the expected production to choose the right type of crusher.
3. Dust and noise: the current production enterprises must meet the environmental protection requirements, so we should choose the pulverizer whose dust and noise meet the environmental protection requirements.

Semi wet material crusher is a new type of high-efficiency single rotor reversible crusher. It uses high-speed rotating blade to crush the fiber with good particle size and strong adaptability to the moisture content of materials. The organic fertilizer production machine can be used to pulverize the fermented rotten garbage or other materials with high moisture content, with high-efficiency and high-energy effect. The particle size can reach 20-50 mesh, which can meet the requirements of general fertilizer granulation equipment. The rotor of the equipment has novel structure, reasonable design, simple operation and stable operation, which completely solves the problem of crushing organic matter with high humidity (water content of 25% - 50%).