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What are the working steps of the organic fertilizer granulator?

Fertilizer granulator machine is key machine in the organic fertilizer production line; it’s used for the granulation part, so what are the working steps of the organic fertilizer granulator machine?
organic fertilizer granulator machine
1) Transfer the treated pig manure directly to the raw material silo (or raw material blender).

2) The pig manure is transported to the disc homogenizer and uniformly added to the rotating disc of the fertilizer granulator; the liquid component or the appropriate amount of water is sprayed on the disc through the liquid component distributor of the granulator. On the material to meet the amount of liquid required for the ball.
The rotating disc and the disc edge produce friction and centrifugal action on the material, so that the material moves circumferentially, so that the powder particles are mutually smashed and squeezed, and gradually agglomerate into balls; due to the difference in particle quality, the generated gravity and The centrifugation is also different. When the gravity and centrifugation increase enough to overcome the friction between the particles, they are thrown out of the disk, and the smaller particles remain in the disk and continue to collect fine particles.

3) Transfer to the dryer for heat exchange with heat from the hot blast stove.

4) The particles are sorted into the hot sieving, and the fine particles are directly returned to the disc averaging device, and the core continues to participate in the adhesion of the particles into balls.

5) Transfer to the cooler to cool the fertilizer by natural cold air or strong cooling air.