BB fertilizer production line shipment

 Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Machinery Ltd has shipped the machines of BB fertilizer production line to Qingdao port on 2019.9.5, and the machines will be ready for ship to Nigeria. Our customer is a producer of BB fertilizer.

Advantages of BB Fertilizer Production Line:
1. Adopts pit-style batching and accumulative weighing type, convenient to convey and transport the raw materials, easy to operate, saving labor.

2. Uses Germany Siemens PLC centralized control system, the whole production process is fully automatic.

3. Big capacity, 10 tons-30 tons per hour, more suitable for big capacity production lines.

4. Can be customized according to different requirements of customers.
bb fertilizer production line bb fertilizer production line 1bb fertilizer production line 2batching system