A two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator export to Mexico

On February 27, a two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator was loaded in our plant. The equipment was ordered by a Mexican customer and ready for shipment to the port.
two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator

Two-in-one organic fertilizer granulation machine is in the original development and production of YSL granulation machine based on the new research and development of a multipurpose wet granulation equipment. It not only improved the original wet continuous pusher granulator in use problems, and in the secondary granulating segment and the stirring teeth, a rotating cylinder method, not only to meet the grain quality requirements, but also to solve the portion of the material due to viscosity and humidity too large and paste wall problem. The machine has uniform feeding part, a granulation section, secondary granulation section, a power part, secondary stirring teeth part, the secondary cylinder driving part, a grain warehouse, frame and other parts of the composition.
two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Ltd produces various fertilizer equipment. In addition to the two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator, we also have other kinds of organic fertilizer granulation machine, such as disc granulator, ring die granulator, drum granulator, flat die granulator. We sell a complete fertilizer production line equipment, including compost turning machine, crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, packing machine. We can provide a series of comprehensive services, free planning layout draw, provide site construction drawings, and dispatch engineers to the site to guide the installation.