Saudi customer visit our fertilizer production equipment

A Saudi customer came to Zhengzhou Huaqiang factory on March 25 to visit our fertilizer production equipment. The whole process was received by our managers and staff, and the customer was given detailed answers.
Saudi customer visit fertilizer production equipment

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Machinery Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. It has its own factory. The factory has developed fertilizer granulator, crusher, mixer, conveyor, fertilizer screener, fertilizer dryer, cooler, fertilizer ingredient system, fermentation compost turner and so on. As a manufacturer that has exported to many countries, we have been recognized by users all over the world. We provide a series of perfect services, free of charge to provide fertilizer production site design, fertilizer production line process design, to choose the appropriate equipment for you. Not only that, but also we can train employees how to install the machines and how to use them, and engineers available to service machinery overseas.

We introduced the company's development and main equipment to this Saudi customer, demonstrated our strength, and answered the questions about fertilizer production technology. Customer discussed with us the use of raw materials, fertilizer granules and production equipment he wanted to produce. Both sides exchanged basic information. Customer were satisfied with the answers. Then we led this customer to visit our equipment and workshop.

The customer have visited our granulator, dryer, cooler, screener and compost turner. Our professionals have introduced their operation methods and principles to Saudi customer. During the visit, we also demonstrated the operation and production of roller press granulator for the customer. The roller press granulator uses the non-drying technology to produce fertilizer, granulation at room temperature, small equipment occupation, low investment cost, and is used for granulation of various compound fertilizer. Saudi customer can intuitively see the products just produced, greatly appreciate the quality of our equipment.
Saudi customer visit fertilizer production equipment

Zhengzhou Huaqiang welcomes every customer to visit our factory. We can arrange pick-up service and recommend hotels for you. We try our best to find the fertilizer machine that they need for every customer.