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What is a complete set of organic fertilizer treatment equipment for kitchen waste

Organic fertilizer processing equipment for kitchen waste: in urban domestic waste, degradable organic substances such as kitchen waste, garden withered leaves, paper and natural fabrics account for a high proportion, which is a good fertilizer resource. However, some municipal solid waste contains more heavy metals, insect eggs, bacteria and some organic River pollutants. The kitchen waste processing organic fertilizer equipment has been harmless. In addition, the waste has complex components and different machine sizes, which can be used as fertilizer raw materials after sorting.
A complete set of domestic waste treatment equipment: waste crusher (primary crushing), waste grinder (secondary crushing), waste air separator, waste screening machine, belt conveyor, etc. The equipment adopts the domestic waste treatment system and method with the above structure, which improves the recovery and utilization rate of plastic components in domestic waste and saves social resources.

Organic fertilizer production line equipment: the production line equipment should first determine the product requirements. At present, there are many varieties of organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, granular organic fertilizer and powdered organic fertilizer circulating in the market. Different products correspond to the needs of different production line equipment. Small organic fertilizer production lines can be used for the production of ordinary organic fertilizer.