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Anticorrosive fertilizer machine-drum granulator

In the process of producing urea-based compound fertilizer, acid-based compound fertilizer and monoammonium phosphate granulation, many compound fertilizer manufacturers are often troubled by the problems of material bonding and corrosion in the drum. Therefore, the drum granulator can not only effectively prevent the material from sticking to the wall, but also prevent the material from corroding the cylinder wall, which is the demand of fertilizer production. The rotary drum granulator developed by us, with its special rubber board lining and reasonable design structure, has been widely welcomed by fertilizer factories.

In order to prevent the compound fertilizer materials from bonding and corroding the inner wall of the granulator, the drum granulator in our factory adopts special rubber lining material. The lining material of granulator should meet the following requirements. 
First, the rubber plate must be acid and alkali resistant to solve the problem of corrosion; 
Second, due to the chemical heat generated in the reactor reaction process, when the material reaches the cylinder wall, the material temperature is still 10-150 ℃, so the rubber plate must have good heat resistance; 
Third, the elasticity of the rubber plate must be used to prevent the material from bonding, and the structure design should be reasonable.
rotary drum granulator

The drum granulator of our factory is equipped with rubber plate lining, which prevents the material from bonding and is not easy to agglomerate, effectively solves the problem of sticking and agglomeration, and reduces the amount of unqualified returns. The returned amount of unqualified fertilizer particles is 1/3 of that of ordinary granulator, which greatly improves the rate of fertilizer pelleting at one time.