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Small and low-cost compound fertilizer granulator equipment

A compound fertilizer granulator produced by Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a small granulating equipment with low price, small occupation area and good production capacity.
This small-scale fertilizer granulator equipment uses extrusion granulation, and the compound fertilizer does not need drying and cooling system, so it brings a series of advantages to the secondary processing of compound fertilizer. The characteristics of the compound fertilizer granulator are that the process of the fertilizer granulation production line is short, the investment of the production line is small, the energy consumption of granulation is low, the operation is simple, the labor is saved, and the proportion of compound fertilizer ingredients is large.
fertilizer roller press granulator

In many granulator factories, how to purchase fertilizer equipment is a concern of investors. The suitable range of compound fertilizer equipment for materials, the power of motor power in actual production, the consumption of vulnerable parts such as rollers, and the payback period of equipment investment are all the key points to be considered when purchasing compound fertilizer equipment. The double roller extrusion granulator produced by our company is widely used in fertilizer processing, feed production and powder granulation in chemical industry. It is a good choice. This compound fertilizer granulator has the following advantages.
roller press granulation production line
1The fertilizer extruded by the compound fertilizer granulator can reach normal temperature before packing, which is beneficial to improving the quality of the compound fertilizer.

2The compound fertilizer production equipment has simple structure, prolongs the preservation of the compound fertilizer, and is suitable for the processing of most small-scale compound fertilizer production plants.

3Small and low-cost pelletizer reduces investment risk. The equipment of roll press granulating production line is simple, occupies less capital, and saves energy and durable.