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Rotary Drum Granulator Equipment Manufacturer

Rotary drum granulator is a common equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It is mainly used in the production of monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, heavy superphosphate, urea-based nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other products.

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fertilizer equipment. It produces many kinds of granulator equipment, such as drum granulator, disc granulator, double roller press granulator, flat-die granulator and so on. The drum granulator developed by our factory is suitable for granulation of many kinds of compound fertilizers. The drum granulator production line equipment is a special equipment for preparing low, medium and high concentration compound fertilizers.
Rotary drum granulator
The drum of our rotary granulator is equipped with two rollers. The drum is slightly inclined to be installed on the ground, so that the material inlet enters and moves forward under the force of gravity. The transmission device of the drum granulator is composed of pinion gear meshing with big gear on the cylinder body, and is driven by a motor to rotate. As a manufacturer of fertilizer granulator, we have designed rubber plates on the inner wall of drum granulator. These special material lining plates ensure that when the cylinder rotates to the top, the lining plate sags and deforms due to self-weight and the gravity of the bonding material, and the bonding material falls off, which helps to clear the bonding material.

This kind of compound fertilizer drum granulator in Tianci Heavy Industry Factory has been reformed several times over the years. Through reference and exploration, many shortcomings of the disc granulator have been overcome. The drum granulator has the advantages of high pelletizing strength, good economic benefit, stable performance, high output, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Rotary drum granulation production line is an excellent choice for fertilizer plants because of its low energy consumption and low cost.