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New fully automatic complete set of BB fertilizer production equipment

1. Product introduction:
    ZH series automatic BB fertilizer  production line is the independent design and production of our company by investigating market demand, analyzing market development, summarizing advanced experience, overcoming the drawbacks of other manufacturers' equipment and combining advanced technology with industrial stainless steel materials. New product.
    Product advantages: beautiful appearance, reasonable design, easy operation and accurate measurement.
    Product features: high precision, fast speed, low energy consumption and small footprint.
    Product configuration: raw material conveying system, batching metering system, material mixing system, product packaging system, high performance control system.
    The device overcomes the phenomenon of mixture chromatography or splitting caused by the difference in specific gravity and particle size of the raw materials, and improves the precision of the ingredients. It solves the influence of factors such as material characteristics, mechanical vibration, pressure, voltage fluctuation, cold weather and other factors on the system. It has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and long service life. It is more ideal for BB fertilizer (blend fertilizer) manufacturers. .
    This equipment is available in a variety of models, production speed: 6 ~ 18 tons / hour, raw material types: 3 ~ 8 kinds.
    2, the main system features:
    Batching metering system: single bag metering, measuring range 20~60 kg adjustable, actuator adopts pneumatic drive, size two-stage feeding; the system adopts anti-vibration treatment, multi-stage filtering technology, various materials can be metered independently or cumulatively. With their own coarse metering, fine metering and overshoot compensation, the measurement accuracy is guaranteed; according to different models, the weighing scale is divided into single scale bucket and multi-scale bucket, and the types of raw materials can be 3~8 kinds.
    Material mixing system: It adopts double screw mixer, which is evenly mixed and has high production efficiency. Single bag mixing, mixing range of 20~60 kg can be adjusted, which overcomes the need to increase the percentage of large ingredients in the production process, as well as the material separation, saving costs. Depending on the model, there are single and double mixing cylinders to choose from.