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Deodorization method in the production process of organic fertilizer

From the national point of view, the raw materials for the production of ecological organic fertilizer are mainly livestock and poultry manure, followed by domestic waste, domestic sludge, agricultural products waste, and chemical products scraps with crop straw as the main raw material. These raw materials can produce unpleasant odors, and some can cause stench and even affect people's normal life.
1, the chemical composition of the smell source
It is generally believed that the semi-materials that produce odors in the raw materials of ecological organic fertilizer production are mainly sulfur compounds, ammonia, amines, fatty acids, ketones, aldehydes, phenols, and other aromatic compounds and heterocyclic compounds.
2, deodorization method
 At present, the leading deodorization methods at home and abroad include water washing method, pharmaceutical processing method, carrier adsorption method, combustion method, biological dividing method and the like. Among them, the biological deodorization method mainly utilizes a special functional microbial group to decompose and transform the odor, and generates an odorless substance to achieve the purpose of deodorization. The method has the advantages of easy material availability, simple facilities, low cost, no pollution, good effect and sustainability, and is more suitable for application in farms, slaughterhouses, garbage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and ecological organic fertilizer plants.
3, deodorization of fermentation and processing areas
The organic materials in the fermentation and processing workshops sometimes need to be violently flipped, which will make the odors everywhere. In fact, the odor of organic fertilizer production enterprises is mainly caused by the organic materials such as poultry manure floating away from the air. Sometimes, after 2 km of follow-up, the deodorization problem in the fermentation and processing areas is crucial. The use of biological deodorization technology can solve the problem of odor nuisance from the following aspects.
Firstly, using biological fermentation deodorant strains
 In the process of turning over, fermenting and decomposing organic materials such as livestock and poultry manure, the biological fermentation deodorizing bacteria can decompose and convert odor substances in the whole process. With such products, it usually takes about 48 hours to eliminate the stench. Long-term use of biological fermentation deodorant strains, organic fertilizer production companies significantly reduce or disappear the odor. Most of the biological fermentation deodorizing bacteria are medium-temperature microorganisms, and a small amount is medium-high temperature microorganisms. Once more than 60 °C, all deodorizing microorganisms will lose their activity, and the remaining high-temperature microorganisms have almost no deodorizing effect, but at this time, some active enzymes It also acts on odorous substances. Therefore, the fermentation of livestock and poultry manure using biological fermentation deodorizing strains tends to be not too high.
Secondly,sealed fermentation, processing workshop and installation of deodorizing device
Sealed fermentation, processing workshop can prevent odor overflow. Install multiple air intake fans on one side of the fermentation and processing workshop to allow fresh air from entering the workshop, and install multiple exhaust fans on the other side of the fermentation and processing workshop. Each exhaust fan is connected to an exhaust duct. The gas discharged from the workshop is piped into the solid or liquid biofilter. The active biological deodorizing bacteria are preliminarily squeezed into the solid or liquid biofilter. The odor in the workshop is controlled. For example, there is a bio-fertilizer production enterprise that passes the smell of the organic fertilizer plant into the fish and shrimp pond through the exhaust pipe, and the beneficial active deodorizing bacteria are added to the fish and shrimp pond, which not only solves the odor problem, but also gives Fish and shrimp provide nutrients, fish and shrimp ponds do not need to be fertilized, so the water and grass are green, and the fish and shrimp are full of ponds.
Recommend some fertilizer equipment to produce the fertilizer using the nw type fertilizer machine:
1,Half wet crusher machine,2,horizental mixer,3,Drum cooler 4,rotary screener 5,Belt conveyor etc.