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Flat die press granulator application method

 The flat die press fertilizer granulator machine are always appliable for producing compound fertilizer.High quality fertilizer equipment can increase the yield of the products.So before producing the compound fertilizer we need to know the method of using the flat die press fertilizer granulator machine.
The flat film extrusion granulator of organic fertilizer equipment is basically similar to the roller extrusion granulator, and is mainly used for particle processing of organic fertilizer and feed processing professions in the aquaculture industry. The processed granules are smooth in appearance and moderate in hardness. The grain molding has a uniform contrast and regular shape. The size of the particles can be selected according to the production demand. Because the water content of the particles is moderate, it can be stored for a long time, and it can adhere to the original state in a long time in the water, and can be used as a useful progressive particle.
Application method of flat film extrusion granulator:
The flat die press fertilizer granulator  has a hyperbolic gear oil in the gearbox and can be turned on. The flat film granulator of the organic fertilizer production equipment is installed in a prepared place. The device should be smoothed and the belt adjusted. Let the equipment be first. It is started under no-load condition and can be put into production after the equipment is in normal operation.
The first application of the new flat film extrusion granulator equipment, first use about 10 kg of ingredients to try, so that the film hole smooth and dredge can be produced. When you encounter more fine fibers in the processing of ingredients, you should participate in 5% of the water, which will volatilize during the extrusion process. After processing, loosen the gap adjusting screw. After stopping, the residual ingredients on the equipment should be cleaned and the equipment should be well maintained.
Flat film extrusion granulator should pay attention to the fact that there should be no strong particles in the production, such as: small stones, small iron blocks and other solid objects to prevent the formation of equipment hazards, the  fertilizer equipment should be opened after ten working days. High temperature grease, to maintain the bearing application, usually should pay attention to check the tightness of the belt, the gearbox is not leaking oil and so on.