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Do you know the reason that make the fertilizer granular?

 In order to make fertilizers more convenient for agricultural production, improve fertilizer effects, and reduce production costs, fertilizer manufacturers deliberately manufacture fertilizers into pellets for sale. There is no difference in chemical composition between the granules and the powder of the same substance, but the physical properties are quite different.
1. Different surface area The surface area is the total area of ​​the surface of the three-dimensional object. In the case of the same weight of the same substance, the smaller the particles, the larger the sum of their surface areas. Conversely, for a substance of the same weight, the larger the particle size, the smaller the surface area, and the smaller its surface area. When the surface area is small, the contact area with the outside is also reduced.
2. Different Settling Velocity Settlement refers to the phenomenon that solid particles naturally fall in the air or in the liquid due to the weight of the particles themselves. The settling velocity is determined by the relationship between gravity (the weight of the particles) and the buoyancy of the air or liquid and the resistance acting on the particles. The larger the particle size of the particles of the same substance, the smaller the buoyancy that is withstood, the smaller the resistance, and the higher the sedimentation speed. That is to say, particles with a large particle size fall faster than particles with a small particle size.
The fertilizer granulator machine series of making the fertilizer into granular:such as the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator and so on.
Besides these reason,we think the bigest reason is that using the fertilizer equipment not only can improce the production effecient but also it can reduce the cost.And now most fertilizer manufacturers will choose to buy a complete fertilizer production line.Because using a complete fertilizer production line can reduce the labor and it also can improve the effecient  in the process of producing the fertilizer.
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