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Key points of disc granulation production equipment

Since the development of fertilizer equipment, the disc granulation production equipment has been retained to this day, because the unique advantages and simple operation of the disc granulation production equipment have brought convenience to our small organic fertilizer production line enterprises. What should we pay attention to when using the pelletizing equipment to produce fertilizer?
fertilizer granulator machine

When we are in production, we should rationally arrange the production process and the ratio of raw materials to produce according to different production raw materials. We must also control the moisture contained in the materials. This is very important for the disc type fertilizer granulator. In general, we need to control the moisture in the material between 28% ~ 30%.

When using disc granulation equipment, the direction of granulation disc rotation must be in the positive direction, the granulation disc cannot be turned in the opposite direction, and it is not suitable for production when the temperature of the granulation disc is low. It must be fully heated before use.

During granulation, we must pay attention to observe whether hard materials such as iron are mixed in the material to avoid scratching the granulation disc, which will also affect the yield and quality of our fertilizer granules.