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The technology of the fertilizer mixing

 In a complete fertilizer production line,the fertilizer mixer machine is necessary ,and the fertilizer mixer machine designed different type.What's more the technology is advanced and continuously developed.
In crop fertilization,in order to simplify the fertilization technology,reduce the number of fertilization,save the cost of fertilization,ensure the fertilizer efficiency of the mixed fertilizer and avoid the environmental pollution caused by the unreasonable use of the simple  fertilizer,it is necessary to consider the individual fertilizers on the basis of a reasonable formula.TThe mixing problem has a certain influence on the mixing degree depending on the mixture.At present,the fertilizer mixer machine designed by our company mainly including:horizontal mixer,vertical disc mixer,double axis mixer machine and bb fertilizer blender.In the fertilizer mixer machine the inner structure are different and the inner structure will take effect on the fertilizer granular.
Taking a horizontal mixer as an example,in a horizontal mixer,a mixture of a mixture of a liquid and a paste is added to a powder and granule mixer and the mixing device has a space and a mixing device.The advantage of small working area,but it is difficult to clean when mixing viscous material and cohesive materials,so it is suitable for large output and infrequent replacement of varieties.The blade of the ribbon impeller is formed by spiraling an elongated metal,and the wide sprial has a conveying effect,and the narrow sprial belt also has a cutting action while conveying.The gap between the outer diameter of the ribbon impeller and the groove wall is an important factor affecting the mixing of the powder.