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The npk fertilzier production technology

At present,there are roughly five production methods for compound fertilizers,namely,simple mixing method,roller compaction  granulation method,disk or drum granulation method,slurry granulation method and fluid type compound fertilizer.
The roller compaction granulation method is further advanced than the simple mixing method.The simple mixing method does not granulate.In the process of packaging and transportation,the basic fertilizer is prone to grain faction separation and affects the fertilization effect.Extrudision molding,no need to spray water before granulation,no need to dry after granulation,cooling,the interest rate is above 90%,and the sieving can be omitted when the operation is good.Compared with the production of compound fertilizer by drum or disc granulation,the drying and cooling are eliminated,the extrusiongranulation,the drying and cooling eliminated,the conveying equipment is reduced,and the investment is reduced.The key equipment for the roller compaction granulation process is the roller press granulator.We design the roller press granulator ,the machine produced the particles are in a spherodial shape.And there is another fertilizer granulator machine to be used to produce the npk fertilizer that is the roller and a template extrusion granulation,and the particles are granulated.
The npk fertilizer production line is designed to produce the npk fertilzier granulator,and the npk fertilizer production line is equipped with many fertilizer granulator machines which are neccesary in the process of fertilizer production.