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Using furfural residue making organic fertilizer

In recent years,due to the large-scale application of chemical fertilizers,soil compaction,degradation,fertility decline,microbial content decreased,and harmful bacteria are multiplied,resulting in a decrease in fertilizer utilization rate,a decrease in agricultural product yield ,and a decrease in quality.Improving soil physical and chemical properties and increasing fertility is an urgent need of farmers.The use of industrial waste furfural residue to produce humic acid-containing organic fertilizer can realize the transformation of waste into treasure and comprehensive utilization of resources,which solves the many problems.So how to produce the organic fertilizer using the furfural residue as raw material in fertilizer machines?
The furfural residue is a soild waste whch is obtained by preparing furfural from the waste of agricultural and sideline products such as corn cob,straw and wheat straw.The bio-fermentation technology can degrade cellulose macromolecules in furfural slag into humic acid:small molecule,high activity,more conductive to plant absorption;no heavy metals,safe for soil and plants.But the furfural residue need to be fermented before producing the organic fertilizer.
The process of producing organic fertilizer using the furfural residue:the decomposed furfural slag,urea,phosphate and furnace ash are designed according to the formula flow rate,and sent to the mixer throught the belt coveyor for mixing.After the mixture is sequeezed and granulated using the fertilizer granulator machine,the mixture is sequentially introdued into the dryer,the cooler machine and the drum screener machine,finally package using the automatic packing machine.