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Working principle of organic fertilizer production line

 The organic fertilizer production line explains the production technology of complete sets of equipment for livestock and poultry, and the first step of the operation technology of organic fertilizer production line is simple composting fermentation technology. The use of microbial engineering technology to ferment and differentiate the litter rich in livestock and poultry manure, combined with the form of pigs in the biological fermentation bed, is also a new way for the harmless disposal of manure. The pig manure and urine are mixed with sawdust, straw, wood chips, rice husk and other litter. Under the action of special microbial strains, the mixture is continuously degraded, digested or converted into other nutrients, thereby completing zero pollution discharge of fecal disposal. .
The technical operation of the simple organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons of poultry manure is as follows:
Preparatory work: Weigh the manure of the livestock to be disposed of (water content at 70%); prepare the BM fungicide.
Production technology: Mix livestock and poultry manure and BM strains in a fraction of 1:10000, then mix and mix for 2-3 times.
The water content of the mixed fermented product should be controlled at 55%-60%, and the hand can be held into a group, and the loose hand can be dispersed. The mixed fermented material is stacked on the flat ground with a height of not less than 1 m and a width of not less than 1.5 m. Not limited in length. Fermentation for 24-48 hours, the temperature can be above 55 ° C, higher than 70 ° C, three days can reach deodorization. After 10-15 days of accumulation and fermentation, it reaches the pollution-free and national organic fertilizer specifications, which can be used as base fertilizer and special fertilizer.
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