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How to improve the ball forming rate of organic fertilizer disc granulator?

Disc granulator is important equipment in organic fertilizer production line. It has the advantages of uniform granulation, stable operation, and high ball formation rate, large rounded strength of granules, intuitive operation and convenient maintenance.
fertilizer granulator

If the granulation rate of the fertilizer granulator is high, a high output can be achieved, then how to increase the ball formation rate of the organic fertilizer disc granulator?

1. Control of material water quantity:
Control the water content of the disc granulator of biological organic fertilizer equipment. According to the theoretical data, the granule tax content of the disc granulator is about 25% to 30%. If the water content is not large, the output is low, and the difficulty factor of ball formation increases. If the water content is too large and the ball is played too much, the surface of the ball is prone to sticky properties, which will cause blockage on the sun surface and affect production.

2. Ingredients:
For the production of compound fertilizers for processing materials, to increase the quality of compound fertilizers, we must carefully grasp the formula of the materials.

3. Operation technology of disc granulator:
Before production, we must carry out pre-production training. After training, we can achieve proficient operation skills, be familiar with the working ability, and master the mesh control of materials.
As long as the above three points are done well, the efficiency of the disc granulator of biological organic fertilizer equipment can be improved, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.