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Using the livestock manure to make fertilizer granulator

The organic fertilzier granulation process can be divided into dry granulation and wet granulation from the dry and wet degrees,and wet granulation can be divided into disc granulation and flat die extrusion granulation.
Dry granulation process:Organic fertilizer dry granulation process refers to granulating the livestock manure through oxygen consuming fermentation,directly granulating by roller press granulator,and then screening and packaging the finished product.The main fertilizer equipment required for the organic fertilizer dry granulation process is a feeder,a belt conveyor,a roller press granulator and a drum screener machine.The process has a little equipment investment,simple processing technology and low production cost,but the produced fertilizer particles have low strength,low roundness and high powder content.
Wet granulation:organic fertilizer granulation process refers to the use of the disc granulator or flat die granulator to granulate the fermented and cooked powdered organic fertilizer,and then dry it at low temperature.A certain proportion of water needs to be added during sieving,packaging,and granulation.The main equipment needed for organic fertilizer wet granulator is feeder,belt conveyor,disc granulator or flat die granulator,drum dryer,drum cooler and rotary screener and so on.The process need to dry the granulator.The cost is high,but the ball formation rate is high,and the particles are round and strong,the powder is small.