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The technology of organic and inorganic fertilizer production

The inorganic non-chemical produced by chemical method has the advantages of high nutrient content,fast fertilizer efficiency,convenient storage and transportation,and convenient application.Organic-inorganic compound fertilizers are not a simple blend of organic and inorganic fertilizers.In order to produce organic-inorganic compound fertilizer stably and efficiency,it is necessary to solve the granulation property of the mixture.The production of organic-inorganic compound fertilizers is mainly divided into two major steps:one is the fermentation od organic matter;the other is the mixing of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer after fermentation.The material that need to be dealed with organic fertilizer include polutry manure,wheat straw,rice husk,etc.These materials is need to be broken first,and the livestock manure must be fermented in order to move out the odor.The fermented organic fertilizer is mixed with inorganic fertilizer to granulate.
The fertilizer granulating production:
Making the raw material aftermentating by using the fermentation compost turner machine put into the fertilizer mixer machine to mix and then add some npk to fermentate again.After that making the material to be dried using the drum dryer and then enter into the fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator.At the time the temperature is high and we need to use the drun dryer to dry the water to the requirement of producing the onganic-inorganic fertilizer granulator.After cooling ,using the drum screener machine to separate the fertilizer granulator which it doesn't meet the requirement of the fertilizer granulator size and make them into the fertilizer granulator machine to be granulated again.