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Technology of the npk fertilizer

The fertilizer industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.The development of science and technology and the development of related disciplines,as well as changes in market demand and ecological balance in the natural world,have also put forward new and higher requirements for the research and progress of chemical fertilizer industry technology.Compound fertilizer refers to a fertilizer containing at least two of the potassium.Its production process is more complicated than the basic fertilizer.At present,the production machinery are constantly being updated.There are many ways to produce compound fertilizer,which are mainly selected according to the batching system and actual conditions of production.
Agglomerate method:This method is the main method for the production of compound fertilizer at home and abroad.According to the different granulation equipment,it can be divided into disc granulation and drum granulation.These two methods are the more commonly used methods in the compound fertilizer filed,so we have designed  fertilizer granulator suitable for this method---disc granulator,drum granulator.These two machines are specifically designed to produce compound fertilizers.
The working principle of the pellet method:The basic principle of the pelletizing process is that the basic fertilizewr with certain particle fineness id viscous by the liquid phase of the fertilizer salt,and then the particles are generated by the external force,and the mutual squeeze press and roll to make it tight and shape.