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Peat organic matter granule production process

Using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the peat into organic fertilizer granulator and then take advantage of the organic matter  in the peat.Peat is the best source of organic matter pellets,which is determined by the basic characteristics of peat.Peat is a pure natural organic matter that generally contains more than 65%.Peat not only has high organic matter content,but also contains various trace elements ansd amino acids.At the same time,peat is rich in plant fiber and humus,which can loosen the soil,has good water absorption and water retention properties,and is benefical to the breeding of benefical microorganisms.Activites that produce more nutrients that are good for plant growth.
The production process of peat organic matter particles:
It is difficult to peat granulation using traditional methods and equipment.In recent years,we have designed new equipment and processes for the production of peat.After the peat is granulated,the producted has the characteristics of uniform particles,smoothness and high round integration strength.After the peat and other raw materials are pulverized,using the mixer machine to mix them fully and then using the disc granulator to make fertilizer granulator.Next using the roller press granulator machine to make granulator secondary,in order to maintain their strength and hardness and then granulated them,the material is put into the ball shaping machine for particle polishing and shaping.After granulation is completed,it is dried using rotry dryer,cooled using drum cooler and screener machine to separte the big granulator and powder.
The peat organic fertilizer granulating process is not so complex and the main factor is that using the fertilizer granulator to make the effect of the organic matter which including in the peat.