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How to make the organic fertilizer granulator?

Producing organic fertilizer granulator is a necessary process and many fertilizer manufactures are producing the  organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer machine.Because the technology is developed better and better,and the fertilizer machine continuously updated.But how to produce the organic fertilizer grnulator?And what machines are needed in the organic fertilizer production line?
The processing technology of the organic fertilizer production line generally adopts different processes according to the production scale. Large-scale farms and specialized organic fertilizer production enterprises can adopt commercial organic fertilizer production technology, and realize the commercial utilization of aquaculture waste through a complete production line of organic fertilizer equipment plus reasonable process flow.In the complete organic fertilizer production line, it consists of a variety of organic fertilizer equipment. The key equipment is the fermentation turner and organic fertilizer granulator, which are divided into raw material preparation stage and finished product processing stage. fertilizer granulator:
Among the whole organic fertilizer production lines, the organic fertilizer granulator plays a pivotal role in the fertilizer production equipment. The organic fertilizer raw materials are transformed into commercial organic fertilizers in this link. The quality and output of organic fertilizer granules are all important here.  Organic fertilizer granules are used to bond organic fertilizer raw materials together to form finished granules by using water as a binder, and the amount of water added directly affects production efficiency. Theoretically speaking, in the mixer mixing process in front of the organic fertilizer granulator, the amount of water added is small, the viscosity of the powder is small, and the produced granules are also very small; on the contrary, the amount added is large, and the powder is added. The viscosity is large and the particles produced are also very large. Of course, this also leaves us a lot of choices. We can choose the appropriate particle size of organic fertilizer to meet the needs of the market.The common fertilizer granulator machines are the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator,and new type organic fertilizer granulator.
2.Fermentation compost turning machine:
Since the fermentation cycle of organic fertilizer raw materials is relatively long, it is extremely important to select suitable composting fermentation equipment and organic fertilizer starter. The selected configuration is reasonable, and the fermentation effect is better, the fermentation cycle is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved.So it is important for us to choose the suitable fermantation compst turning machine.The common used fertilizer turning machine is the simple compost turning machine.Simple compost turning machine  requires the construction of a special fermentation tank for the fermentation turner. This method is more efficient in the field than the former. Because the thicker fertiliser layer is more conducive to the fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials, the fermentation cycle is relatively high. Shorter, improving overall productivity.