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How to apply crack fertilizer to sweet potato?

The fertilizer is preferably a mixture of available nitrogen and phosphorus.Use 750-1000kg of human excreent per acre,and mix i with about 500 kg of per clear water and fill it at about 5pm.500grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate per acre,first dissolved in warm water,then mixed with 500 kg of superphosphate,dissolve with a small amount of water,and fill the roots with 500 kg of water.After dissolving 100kg of grass ash per acre,soak for hours,filter out impurities and fill te roots with 500 kg of water.
Go to the filed and look at the cracks,look at the leaf color,look at the variet,and then detemine the time of top dressing.If the sweetpotato ridge surface begins to crack and the leaf color fades,the top dresssing can be carried out.Topdressing time:generally,the summer seet potato is suitable for "white dew"and "atumn".
To meet the needs of the crops,it is necessary to produce the fertilizer effectivity.In a complete fertilizer production line,it including many fertilizer equipments,such as the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer conveyor machine,fertilizer screener machine and other supporting facilities. we can use these fertilizer machine to produce the fertilizer that we need. 
It is recommended to choose cloudy or sunny evenings.The fertilizer should be thoroughly mixed and the weather and the dry and wet conditions of the soil.The dry soil should be thinner,and the soil should be thicker.It is necessary to apply it along the cracks one by one,and strive to be uniform to avoid leakage.At the same time of chasing the cracking fertilizer,the sweet potato foilar application of wood ash 100 kg to supplement the potash fertilizer,it can improve the application effect of crack fertilizer.