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How to produce the organic fertilizer using the paper?

Paper sludge composting is a kind of organic fertilizer raw material that contain rich organic material.In order to make the paper sludge commerical and industrial to make the farming using,we design a organic fertilizer production line and make the paper slude to make organic fertilizer granulator.We share the process with you in the article.In the organic fertilizer production line it is fully automatic,it is used the organic fertilizer machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
The first step,we need to be reday the raw material,paper sludge and the n,p,k fertilizer,making the raw material using the composting turner machine to fermentate.And then transfer the material to the mixer machine to mixing the raw material uniformly,then making the raw material enter into the fertilizer granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator.Because after granulating ,the fertilizer granulator still including some water and we need to use the dryer machine and cooler  machine to dry the water and cool the temperature.Finally,finishing these step,we can make the fertilizer granulator enter into the automatic oacking machine to be packed. In this process,we can produce the partiulate organic fertilizer series with NPK content of 4%-15% and organic matter greater than 30% and producing organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer series that NPK content more than 20% organic matter.
The paper sludge isprocessed by oxygen-consuming high-temperature composting to produce granular organic ferilizer technology.The process is mature and the product performance is stable for factory production.Reasonable application of paper sludge organic fertilizer instead of organic manure such as chicken manure has broad market prospect.