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The advantage of the organic fertilizer

Producing the organic fertilizer need the technology,and it is a kind of process.In a complete organic fertilizer production line,it can improve the producing efficient and the rate of granulating.Using the organic fertilizer granulator has many advantages.So what advantages of the organic fertilizer have?Before sharing the advantage of the organic fertilizer,we first to know the organic fertilizer is what.Organic fertilizer is commonly known as farmyard manure,including agricultural waste,livestock,domestic garbage,such as plant residues animal waste and kitchen waste.Organic fertilizer plays an important role in promoting agricultural product safety,cleaner production and environmental protection.These advantages of the organic fertilizer have:
1.Organic fertilizer contains various nutirents and abudant organic matter required by plants and the supply is smooth and long-lasting,which is of great signifinace for promoting biological growth and increasing yield.The organic nutrients in the organic fertilizer are relatively complete,non-toxic,harmless,non-polluting natural materials and provide the necessary conditions for the production of high quality,high yield,non-polluting green food.
2.Appliction of the organic fertilizer can improve soil fertility and improve soil.Soil organic matter is the core component of soil and the material basis of soil fertility.Organic matter can effectively improve soil physical,chemicall and biological properties,mature soil,enhance soil fertility,fertilizer supply,water retention,air permeability and buffer capacity and create good soil conditions for crop growth.
3.The application of organic fertilizer can reduce the use of chemical fertilizer and pasticides,reduce environmental pollution and promote ecological harmony.Organic fertilizer is a laughing compound produced by fully decomposing a large number of animal and plant residues,excreta,biological waste etc,so that the waste into treasure.Through the rational use of these organic ferilizers,it can not only reduce pollution,but also reduce fertilizer input and alleviate the increasingly serious engery crisis.
Usually,producing the organic fertilizer we choose the flat die granulator machine or directly choose the organic fertilizer production line.Well,if you are still interested in fertilizer granullator  machines or producing the organic fertilizer line,you can visit the website and leave a message for us,we will supply some suitable fertilizer machine sugestions for you.
Finally,supply a video of producing the organic fertilizer with you to help you understand: