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Fertilizer granulator machine

In our company,we mainly design four kinds of products,organic fertilizer production line,fertilizer granulator machine,npk fertilizer production line and bb fertilizer production line.Today we will share more about the fertilizer granulator machine with you.We design many types of fertilizer granulator machines and today we will share some hot products with you.We also can divided the fertilizer granulator machine into compound fertilizer granulator machine,organic fertilizer granulator machine.Producing these different fertilizer type choose different fertilizer machine can produce the more high quality fertilizer.
1.Compound fertilizer granulator machine:
Double roller press granulator:The machine is the hot product in our company and it is mainly used to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.Using the roller press granulator machine to make the fertilizer granulator is less investment and higher efficiency.The finished fertilizer granulator  products is more beautiful. The roller press granulator don't need to use the drying machine,because the machine is suitable for dry material.The features of the roller press granulator machine can be used for extensive applicability of the raw materials,the granylation of compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical fertilizer,feed,coal,metaurgy and other raw materials.It can produce various concentrations and types.Besides the roller press granulator machine,we also have the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator machine can be used to produce the compound fertilizer.
2.Organic fertilizer granulator machine:
The flat die granulator machine is our main fertilizer machine of producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Generally speaking,producing the organic fertilizer is a little complex compared to the compound fertilizer,but using the flat die granulator is more simple compared to before.The flat die granulator production line is more simple and less investment.The machine use inclined wheel roller which ends speed is keeping same with the outer and inner ring line of the mold plate.Decline the wheel and mold dislocation friction,reducing the resistance,so reducing the kineetic egery loss and prolong the severice life of the mold.The feature of the flat die granulator machine 
3.BB fertilizer machine:
The bb fertilizer machine is mainly used to produce the bb fertilizer.It is the machine that our company design according to the foreign world.The bb fertilizer is more widely used in the international market.The full name of the bb fertilizer is bulk blending fertilizer.The machine uses Germany Siemens PLC centralized control system,the whole production process is fully automatic.And the machine can be customized according to different requirements of the customers.The bb fertilizer production line is the simple and simple to operation.