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How to chooes the fertilizer equipment

 The organic fertilizer equipment are not only meet the national environmental regulations,but also itself is a kind of envirmentally machine.The machine can make the manure process the organic fertilizer,so in this way the machine can solve the pollution that the animal manure caused.With the development of the technology,the fertilizer will not be appliable for the farming,and the organic fertilizer wiill become the mainly trend.So the organic fertilizer equipment will become more important.Know how to choose high quality organic fertilizer equipment is very important for the processing of the orrganic fertilizer.When we are choosing the fertilizer equipment,we need to know some skills.

1,It is important to ensure the sizeof the fertilizer machine what you need.Different production will be appliable for different model of the organic fertilizer equipment,for example,how many tons per year or per hour?then according to the production to ensure the different model and price.
2,Knowing the shape of the granulator.Different fertilizer granulator can produce different shape organic fertilizer ,such as the powdery,cylindrical,oblate or standard round.The usually fertilizer granulator machine  series have the disc granulator,rotary drum fertilizer granulator,ring die granulator,flat die granulator,double roller press granulator etc.The model of the fertilizer granulator decided on the local market.The shape of the fertilizer granulator are different ,the process and the price of the organic fertilizer equipment are different.

3,Ensure the level of the organic fertilizer equipment configuration
The level of configuration is different,the price of organic fertilizer equipment is different, the amount of artifical is different,the stability and high yield of organic equipment is also different:the general configuration is high to add some,automaticbatching device,automatic packaging device,automatic quantitative feeding device,cyclione dust.
4,Ensure the type of the fertilizer 
Before buying fertilizer equipment ,you need to ensure the type of the fertilizer what you need to produce.Is it compound fertilizer organic fertilizer equipment or the bio-organic fertilizer equipment?Different fertilizer have different fertilizer production  line.The same yield,the organic fertilizer organic fertilizer equipment generally considers moisture tall,bacterium is planted not to be able to bear high temperature,model wants to compare compund fertilizer moodel commonly a few bigger.General organic fertilizer type divides 4 kinds,pure organic fertrilizer,inorganic compound fertilizer,bioorganic fertilizer ,compound microbial fertilizer,breed is different organic fertilizer equipment also has little distinction.
5,The requirment of the environment
Low environmental production requirements of the general choice of dust can be reduced,less investments,heavy dust removal plus water and ink dust removal can meet the national air emission quality standards.