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Straw organic fertilizer production technology

The production of straw organic ferilizer is mainly to use the nutrient of the straw and then making the raw material through  a series of dealing and then making the organic fertilizer granular.In the process of  straw organic fertilizer production,there many production technology point need to be noticed.
The raw materials mixed with straw and poultry manure  using the mixer machine can be processed into composting to form refined organic fertilizer products.The production process mainly includes raw material crushing and mixing,primary fermentation,crushing,organic and inorganic fertilizer mixing,granulation,particle screening.Several parts of the product packaging.
Raw material processing:The straw is first pulverized ,and the smashed straw and other materials generaly undergo the stages of heating,high temperature and good cooling.In the meantime,to make the material fully fermentated,a turning machine is needed as an auxiliary tool.
Crushing and screening:After fermentationg and screening the material after secondary,the qualified and unqualified products are separated,the qualifited packaging is used,and the unqualified material after secondary fermentation,the unqualified ,aterial is recycled as a return material to a fermentation stages for recycling.
Granulation: According to the granulation process selected in the production,the organic fertilizer should be pretreated before granulation.If the material required by the process is fine,it needs to be pulverized and screened;if the process requires low water content,it needs to be dried.Granulating to make the organic fertilizer granular can choose the fertilizer granulator machines.The fertilizer granulator machines have different types and model to be choosed according to your organic fertilizer production requirement.
Drying and packaging:After granulation,shaping and rounding,the organic granular fertilizer contains certain moisture,and the particle strength is low.It is not suitable for direct packaging and storage,and needs to be subjected to drying using the drum dryer,cooling,dust removal,screening and other production processes.

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