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Other supporting facilities

In a fertilizer granulating production line,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main fertilizer machine,and besides these main fertilizer equipment,there are also including many other supporting facilities.These facilities also play an important role in the fertilizer production line.So what machine of the facilities mainly have?This article will share these facilities with you.
1. Dewatering machine
This water extractor can be widely applied to the renewal,sludge,medical,dehydration of polutry and animals feces,elect can eliminate 30% moisture in the material and greatly reduce the burden of dryer and sharply save engery.It is an essential handing equipment for high wet material before drying processing equipment.This machine can detach all kinds of livestock manure into liquid and soild organic fertilizer.Liquid organic fertilizer can be applied directly to crops by absoration,and soild organic fertilizer can be transported to the lack of fertilizer region.It can improve the structure of soil and made organic fertilizer through fermentation.This machine has the advantage of reasonable structure,small size,low speed,high efficiency,low material moisture,continuous operation,high degree of automation,engery saving and so on.
2.Cyclone dust collector
Cyclone dust collector is a type of dust removal device.Each component of the cyclone dust collector has a certain size ratio.Each change in the proportional relationship can affect the efficiency and pressure loss of cyclone dust collector.The diameter of the dust collector,the size of the air inlet,and the diameter of the exhaust pipe are the main influencing factors.The features of the cyclone dust is the reductio of short-circuit flow can increase the efficiency of dust removal,increase the down flow of the section and increase the residence time of the dust-laden air in the dust collector,creating more separation opportunities for dust.
3.Melting pot
This machine is suitable for using in food,drink,medicine class.In the middle of the buffer is commonly used in chemical industry etc.The fertilizer machine is easy operation,high efficiency.and use a little heat environment protection,etc.At the top of the inlet feed is convvenient,simple observation hole,cylider equipped with liquid level meter for observation f the liquid storage,type electric heating grop,lower part has a metering pump and the fluid pipe,outlet for cyclodial reducer to drive in the middle.
4.Uniform feeder
The uniform feeder is a new type of feeder.Uniform feeder  machine is a new type of feeder.It is an important equipment for feeding system of fertilizer granulation machine.It is suitable for feeding organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer powder material.Its characteristic is that the shaft end of the reducer drives the stirring shaft to run.The stirring shaft has a fixed stirring tooth,and the stirring shaft drives stirring to make the material fully mixed.The machin is mainly used for mixing and feeding of raw materials.The utility model has the features of abrasion resistance.
5.Gas/Oil hot air stove
The machine, in the drying process and the wet granulation process,is a necessary related equipment,which provides the necessary heat source for the drier system.The series of gas/oil hot stove has the features of high temperature,low pressure,accurate temperature control and high utilization of heat engery.The airpre-heater is set up in the tail of large hot air stove to improve the efficiency of the blast stove.
6.Steam boiler
The machine is mainly used in the NPK compound fertilizer production line,to fuel gas steamer boiler has been widely applied in the granulation npk fertilizer,it provides the necessary and high humidity environment for the granulation machine,which plays the important role of balls,as well as the uniform distribution of nitrogen,phosphors and potassium in the finished products,the combustion chamber of the boiler is reasonable in designing and fully adapted to many kinds of fuels such as city gas,natural gas and so on.