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Using cow dung producing organic fertilizer granulator technology

 The comprehensive utilization of livestock manure can transform manure into renewable resoureces,which plays an important role in resource conservation and environmental protection,and can promote the development of agricultural circular economy and the sustainable  devlopment of animal husbandary.At present,the methods for harmless treatment of livestock manure are mainly high temperature composting and biogas anaerobic fermentation.
The production process:Dehydration of fresh cow manure:After collecting fresh cow dung,put it into the biogas tank for treatment,then use the dehydrator to remove the water and remove the water to 60%.It is then fermented using a turning machine.Semi closed,areobic fermentation,continuous feeding ad mechanical mixing technology.After fermentation,using the mixing machine to mix the raw material.Due to the faster rotation speed of the vertical disc mixer,the agglomerated or the coarser material can be crushed while stirring.Finishing the working of being ready the raw material,then making the raw material into fertilizer granulator machine to make granulator.Generally speaking,we always choose the disc granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator.Next to we use the drum dryer to dry the water and packing them using automatic packing machine.