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What requirements for the celery in using the fertilizer?

Using the fertilizer machine to produce the organic fertilizer is common in the modern society and using the fertilizer granulator can help us improve the efficient,but we have to know  the requirement when we are using the fertilizer.What types fertilizer granulator wew should to make using the fertilizer granulator?The disc granulator always produce the ball fertilizer.Today we will tell something about the celery,what points that we should notice?
Celery is native to the Mediterranean coast and is a biennial plant of the umbelliferae family.According to the color of the petiole,it is divided into three types:green celery,white celery and yellow celery.The root system of celery is developed and the regeneration ability is strong.After the main root is injured,a large number of lateral roots can be formed quickly,so it is suitable for seeding transplanting and soiless cultivation.The celery is shallow and the main root group is distributed in the 7-20cm soil layer and the lateral distribution diameter can reach 30 cm.
Celery has th characteristics of low absorption capacity and strong fertility,and requires high soil fertility.The amount of fertilizer applied is too small,not only can not be normal fertility,but the quality is not good.Different fertilizer types have different effects on the growth of celery.NIitrogen mainly affects the development of the shoots,the length of the petiole and the number of leaves.Phosphate fertilizer mainly affects the quality.Adequate potassium fertilizer is conducive to the expansion of the petiole,improving yield and quality.
It is determined that each production of 50 kg of celery requires 20g of nitrogen,7 g of phosphorus,and 30g of potassium.In addition,celery has a strong need for boron and plants are prone to heart rot when boron is deficient.According to the fertility characteristics and fertilizer characteristics of celery,the fertilization techniques are as follows:1.Base fertilizer/;On the basis of applying organic fertilizer,15-20kg of npk fertilizer is applied per acire.2.Topdressing:after the seedings are chased once,the fertilizer is 20kg of nitrophosphate fertilizer.After 20days,20kg of nitrophosphate fertilizer is applied by means of flushing and the topdressing is stopped 20 days before harvest.