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Applying bio-organic fertilizer to cabbage

Cabbage is a very delicious and tempting dish at the table.But it is not easy to plant.And we need to develop the new type cabbage.And we need to how to increase the growth of the cabbage.Now the organic fertilizer is widely used in all kinds of filed.But we nees to know how to use it rightly.Producing the organic fertilizer we usually use the fertilize machine to produce the high quality fertilizer granular,and the common fertilizer machine is the disc granulator or the rotary drum granulator to finish the feertilizer granular,besides these machines,we also need the fertilizer mixer,fertilizer crusher,fertilizer screener and so on to help finish the producing in a complete organic fertilizer production line.
Cabbage is not easy to plant,we try to choose the land with fertile soil,convenient drainage and no heavy storage.2kg of bio-organic fertilizer eas applied per square meter of seedbed,and the bio-organic ferilizer and the seedbed soil were evenly mixed,and the seedings were seeded finely.Seeding age 30 days,seeding 4-6 leaves can be colonized.Before the planting,the application of bio-organic fertilizer is 80-100 kg,and the organic fertilizer is 400 kg.When planting,it can be transplanted with 2 kg of microbial inoclum after planting or planted after rooting.After planting the seedings,watering,slowing down the seedings,applying urea 5-10 kg,and applying the fertilizer 2 times before and after the lotus sitting period,combined with watering and applying black plus white biological fertilizer 15-20 kg.After the ball is finished,stop the mangement of fertilizer and water.