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Comprehensive understanding of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizer refers to fertilizer containing a large amount of organic matter.It is locally sourced in the countryside,collected and applied on the spot,such as human and animal manure,manure,biogas fertilizer,straw fertilizer and so on,so it is also called farmedyard manure.At present,there are many kinds of commerical organic fertilizers on the market such as amino acids,seaweed,distiller's grains,humic acid and the like.There are many types of organic fertilizers,producing the organic fertilizer,we always use the fertilizer machine to produce or we choose the complete fertilizer production line.Usually,the fertilize granulator machine is the mainly fertilizer machine.Such as the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator machine,new type organic fertilizer machine and other fertilizer machine we use to produce the organic fertilizer.What's more,we can directly choose a complete organic fertilizer production line,it is more save time and save money.
Using the organic fertilizer has many advantages:
1.Comprehensive nutrients.It is a complete fertilizer that contains a large number of elements necessary for crops,as well as trace elements and growth stimulating substances;
2.Containing a large amount of organic matter has a unique role in improving soil properties,improving soil fertility,eliminating soil pollution and protecting the ecological environment;
3.The fat is stable and lasing.Because the nutrients contained in organic fertilizers are mostly organic,they need to be decomposed and transformed by microorganisms,and the crops can bee absorbed,especially for crops with longer growth period;
4. Wide source ,large quantity and low cost are important  links for the unlimited recycling of the limited nutrients in nature.
Many advantages of organic fertilizers,farmers friends may wish to apply more,but they must be throughly decomposed before application,so as to reduce unnecessary damage to crops,but also to achieve the purpose of improving fertilizer quality,thus guiding farmers to change fertilization habits.