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What advantages of using the bio-organic fertilizer?

The application of mixed fertilizer is a clever way to improve agricultural products.The benefits of mixing feertilizers with bio-organic fertilizers are many.Let us understand the benefits of chemical fertilizers and bio-organic fertilizer.And we should how to produce the bio organic fertilizer.
First,the combind application of chemical fertilizers and bio organic fertilizers can improve the fertilizer efficiencyof fertilizers.If calcium perphoshate or the like is applied to the soil and is easily fixed by the soil,it will be mixed with the bio-organic fertilizer and applied,which reduced the contact surface between the fertilizer and the soil and is easily fixed by the soil,it will be mixed with the bio-organic fertilizer and also be absorbed and preserved by the bio-organic fertilizer.Reduce the nutrient loss.
Secondly,it can also reduce some of the side effects that may occur after the application of chemical fertilizers.When the application of large quantitative fertilizer or uneven application of chemical fertilizer is easy,it will easily cause toxic and side effects on crops.For example,long-term application of physiological and acid fertilizer will make the soil acidic,and produce excessive toxic substances such as active iron and active aluminum,such as excessive free acid.The superphosphate is used as a seed fertilizer to  affect seed germination and seeding growth.If it is mixed with bio-organic fertilizer can also increase crop nutirents.Fertilizer can only provide one or several nutrients,stable and long-lasting fertilizer,and contains a large number of benefical microorganisms and organic matter,which can improve soil physical and chemical properties and microfloora,enhance eenzyme activity in soil,and facilitate nutrient conversion.
We have been known the advantages of the combination of the chemical fertilizer and the bio-organic fertilizer,so what machine we should be used to use the fertilizer machine?If we produce the fertilizer granulator we should use the fertilizer granulator machine,and if we wnt to improve the producivity effeciency and resuce the invest cost,we can choose the complete fertilizer production line to produce the fertilizer.In the fertilizer production line,it include many fertilizer machine series,and we can according the different yield to choose the different machine what we need.