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The NPK fertilizer production line


NPK fertilizer granulator  now are widely used in farming and the usage of the NPK fertilizer are more and more mulitiple.The NPK fertilizer production line is our manure products,they are running stable,the quality of them is high and  they are easy to maintence and repair.The rate of being ball is high outer recycle rate is material is few,the comprehensive energy consunption is low,no pollution and strong adaptability.The seeting of the whole production line is reasonable and within advanced technologe,it could improve production efficiency,reducing the production cost and production scale could be controlled easily.

The mainly machines of the NPK fertilizer production line:
1,Fertilizer mixer-vertical
2,Rotary drum granulator
3,Drum fertilizer dryer

4,Drum fertilizer cooler
5,drum screener machine
6,Coating machine

7,Single silo weigh dynamic automatic batching
8,Automatic packing machine
Advantage of NPK fertilizer production line:
1,Raw materials are extremely versatile
2,It has a high balling rate and the survival rate of biological bacteria.
3,It has a short process flow