Compound fertilizer drum granulator production line

The compound fertilizer production line has low investment, quick effect and good economic benefits. Energy saving and consumption reduction, no waste discharge, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. The raw material has wide adaptability and is suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry and feed, and the product has high granulation rate. The fertilizer drum granulator production line can produce various concentrations, multiple types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer, etc.) compound fertilizer.
Compound fertilizer refers to chemical fertilizers containing two or more nutrients. The compound fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content, less auxiliary components and good physical properties. It is very important for balanced fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization rate and promoting high yield and stable yield of crops.

Description of compound fertilizer drum granulator production line
1.Compound fertilizer drum granulator production line can production NPK fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, and other materials into compound fertilizer granulars.
2.Compound fertilizer drum granulator production line mainly used for producing spherical particles with a diameter ranging from 1-3mm.
3.Raw material widely,the production formula easy to operate,used to produce high, medium and low grade of compound fertilizer.
4.Compound fertilizer granulator suitable for cold and hot granulation,and high/middle/low concentrations of mass production of compound fertilizer.
5.Compound fertilizer production technology is mature, equipments running stable and high effciency.
Video of compound fertilizer drum granulator production line
Raw material of compound fertilizer drum granulator production line
1)NPK    2)Chemical material   3)Phosphate   4)Potash
5)Metal ore power   6)Animal manure   7)Other chemical and inorganic raw materials

Flow of compound fertilizer drum granulator production line
In the compound fertilizer production process, some raw materials are mixed together in a certain proportion. Batching system: For many kinds material weighting and send to next machine. It is mainly used for the weigh batching and feeding of 3-8 kinds of materials. 
Double shafts chain crusher: Crush the big material to small powder, and ready to granulator. This crusher is applied to the shattering of the block in the production of organic fertilizer, Also, it is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries. This machine use high-intensity wear resisting and cemented carbide chain plate with synchronous speed, and it has reasonable design for entrance and out quarrel, so which results in such advantages: fully broken, difficult to stick wall, easy to clean.
Double axis mixer: The mixed material should be mixed completely, then get into granulator. The machine is agricultural machinery research institute use years organic fertilizer manufacturing process equipment design, production experience developed in the latest technology products, has obtained the country practical patent.
Rotary drum granulator: Processing powder to granules. Drum granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine can make the material into a specific shape. Drum granulator is one of the key equipment of the compound fertilizer industry. It is suitable for large-scale production of cold & hot fertilizer granulation line and high and low concentration compound fertilizer line. It has the advantage of large output, low power consumption, low maintenance cost.
5.Primary drying
Dryer machine: After granulating, the moisture of fertilizer is bit high, it’s not suitable for long-term storage so need drying process. The drum dryer is to move the hot air forward from the tail and fully contact with the material. Through heat conduction and convection, the heat energy is transmitted directly to the material, so that the moisture of the material is evaporated continuously in the cylinder.

Cyclone dust collector: Cyclone dust collector is mainly used for pre dust removal and separation and recovery of high concentration dust, widely in fertilizer production, chemical dustry, mining, metallurgy, refractories, building matrials.
In the drying process and the wet granulation process, the hot air stove is a necessary related equipment, which provides the necessary heat source for the drier system. The series of hot air stove has the features of high temperature, low pressure, accurate temperature control and high utilization of heat energy.
8.Secondary drying
9.Primary screening
Screener machine: Primary screening is to screen the un-fermentation material and let the un-fermentation material fermentation again. Drum screener machine is a common equipment in the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. In the granules, some granules is large than what you need, and some are small, need separate. Could separate larger granule, small granule,and products one time. 
Rotary cooler: The machine is used to cool the hot fertilizer granules. After drying, the granules temperature is high, can't packing in bags, need cooling down to noraml temperature. After cooling, could packing in bags. 
11.Secondary screening
There are some non-uniform particles, after sieved screening machine, the small particle diameter may be screened down for twice processing. And bigger granules go to the crusher machine again. 
12.Return Crushing
Crush bigger granules from screening machine. 
Coating machine: Coating on the surface of fertilizer particles, can effectively prevent the organic fertilizer caking. A whole set of gyratory coating machine is made up the screw conveyor equipment, mixing tanks, oil pumps and host etc. 
Packing machine: Filling the bags, and sealing. After package, the fertilizer can be sold. Automatic quantitative packaging of powder and granules, suitable for flour, starch, feed, food, chemical industry, light industry, building materials industries.