Drum granulator organic fertilizer production line

Drum granulator organic fertilizer production line used for organic waste recycling process to make fertilizer, raw material including agricultural waste, such as straw, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, mushroom residue, biogas residue, mushroom residue, lignin residue, etc; Livestock manure, such as chicken manure, horse manure, rabbit manure, etc; Industrial waste: distiller's grains, vinegar grains, cassava residues, sugar residue, furfural residue, etc.
The advantage of drum granulator fertilizer production line has high ball-becoming rate, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, large-tonnage, easy operation and maintenance, good economic efficiency.
This product of drum granulator organic fertilizer production line has a wide range of applications, such as rice, maize, peanut, wheat, cash crops, soybean, cotton, sesame, sugarcane, tea, tobacco, etc. Fruit and vegetables, citrus, navel orange, strawberry, longan, pineapple, teak, banana, loquat, kiwifruit, litchi, apple, pear, grape, etc. Garden plants and traditional Chinese medicines can be used.
Video of Drum granulator organic fertilizer production line
Working principle of Drum granulator organic fertilizer production line
1.The main working principle is aggregate wet granulation.
2.Through a certain amount of water or steam,basic fertilizer mixs wet in tube body after the full chemical reaction.
3.Under a certain conditions, in virtue of rotary exercise of the rotating cylinder,so that material particles have a extrusion stress,reunite to ball.
Main equipment and process of granulation
Crushing the block materials and mixing them. It is also widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries. This machine use high-intensity wear resisting and cemented carbide chain plate with synchronous speed, and it has reasonable design for entrance and out quarrel. The chain crusher is fully broken, difficult to stick wall, easy to clean. 
The mixer machine is mainly used for mixing raw material in batches, material can be fully mixed. The mixer adopts the cycloidal pin gear speed reducer, made of polypropylene plate lining or stainless steel plate, which is not easy to stick and wear resistance. It has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation, unloading transportation is convenient. 
This machine make the material into round particles. Drum granulator is one of the key equipment of the fertilizer industry. It is suitable for large-scale production of cold &hot fertilizer granulation line and high and low concentration compound fertilizer line. The main motor drive belt and pulley, and transfer to the drive shaft through reducer, then the gear of driving shaft interdigitate with gear ring from body and working in opposite direction. The materials enter into the barrel from feeding hole, and mixed with powdered or liquid additives, finally get out from outlet.
The ball shaping machine makes particle roll into a ball, form the shape we need. It is the ideal organic fertilizer ball granule device. The machine is made up by two or more polishing cylinder orderly, the material will output after many times polishing, finished grain size, consistent densities, and roundness of the smooth, high finished products rate. 
After granulating, the fertilizer moisture is a little high, it’s not suitable for long-term storage. The dryer machine drying the fertilizer particles to a certain temperature. The air intake device of the inlet and outlet of the dryer pumps out a large amount of moisture and wet air to prevent secondary pollution caused by dust discharge. 
The hot air stove is a necessary related equipment, in the drying process, which provides the necessary heat source for the drier system. This machine has large heating area and enough hot air, which greatly reduces the temperature difference between the end and the end, so that the moisture content of compound fertilizer can be easily controlled within the prescribed range. 
Cyclone dust collector is mainly used for pre dust removal and separation and recovery of high concentration dust, widely in fertilizer production, chemical dustry, mining, metallurgy, refractories, building matrials.
Cooling the granule to the normal temperature. Use dryer together can greatly improve the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and improve the quality, further remove moisture, reduce the grain temperature of fertilizer. 
There are some non-uniform particles, after sieving get the appropriate granules that we need, the small diameter particle can be screened down for twice processing, the bigger granules go to the crusher machine again.
Filling the bags and sealing. With filling part,conveyor and sewing part. Packing final products in bags, with a storage hopper above the packing machine, with scale could setting weight of bags, contain sewing machine and conveyor.

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